Zoos in Metro Manila

Scouring the web, I chanced upon the following interesting blog posts about the Philippines . . .

There’s a zoo in Pasig?

I always thought that Metro Manila only had two zoos – the Manila Zoo and the Malabon zoo. Comes out that there is another zoo in Pasig called Ark Avilon Zoo.

Ladylaglag has a blog post about it, where apparently there is a tame orang-utan named Jenny. You can take pics beside Jenny!

Manila Zoo needs help

And talking about Manila Zoo, I saw pics from Fiona Macuaig’s blog and our zoo is in serious need of a makeover! It’s depressing!


After some further digging, I found out that Fiona had setup an organisation called Excellence in World Zoos, whose aim is to “instigate change in developing countries zoos and to share best practice from the better zoos in the world being Australia, America and Europe.” She did mention in the post that the Manila Zoo has promise.

The Zoo has some good fundamentals to work with – centrally located, easy to walk around, a good selection of animals but it needs some repair, maintenance and upgrade + better information provided to the vets to ensure best practice of animal husbandry is provided.

I am hoping she gets funding and works to improve our dear Manila Zoo!

My Time In The Pet Zoo

photo-2Yes I accompanied my wife to the Pet Zoo. As you can see I’m not too comfortable around animals. I pet the animal but I’m wary of it doing something to me. Doesn’t look like the goat is enjoying my company.  Come to think of it, maybe the goat is more afraid of me than me afraid of him!

In my household, I’m the King of the Jungle. All the dogs, cats and birds have to follow me. Wait…my wife doesn’t follow me. Oh, my wife isn’t an animal. Wooh!