Japanese Single Malt Whiskey

A few days ago, I wrote that I had some Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey in the ANA lounge in Haneda. When the whiskey was finished, the staff brought out a new bottle of Hakushu Single Malt whiskey. Both whiskeys are excellent. Incidentally, I purchased one bottle of each whiskey in the Duty Free shopping area. Both cost Y3000 each and that’s about P1320.

When  I went window-shopping around Metro Manila, I was pleasantly surprised to find two retailers selling said Japanese single malt whiskeys. One big retailer was selling it for P6000 a bottle while the Japanese store was selling it for about P4200 a bottle. Moral of the story is if one ever passes by Japan, buy the single malt whiskey there. Big difference in price!

Japan meal

Travel advice if one were to travel to Tokyo – go thru Haneda. Much more convenient than Narita. Haneda is a nice airport. Gien a choice, try to get lounge access. The ANA lounge is spacious and has good food and drinks.

And before I forget and the topic becomes impertinent, here is a sample of the food and drinks in the PAL Mabuhay Lounge managed by ANA in Haneda. For food there was Japanese cream of corn soup, curry rice, Imari sushi, chix nuggets, yakisoba and there was even a soba station! For drinks, I had the Yamazaki single malt (must have!) and Asahi Super Dry beer. Of course they had other juices and soda. Til next year!