Parlor Game During My Youth Lives On

4-Way Sungka?

4-Way Sungka?

About three months ago, I happened to see a sungka in Silay used as an appetizer tray. Cute idea I thought. I made a blog about it coz I haven’t seen sungka since I was in grade school which was over 30 years ago.

Cute idea

Innovative idea

Then I went on an Ilocano Roadtrip and saw in Calle Crisologo Vigan sungka sets for sale. I was happy. In the advent of the electronics age, the games of my youth have long been forgotten. No more Tex, Marbles, Trumpo or Shato, the last of which is a game of sticks too difficult to explain. Spider fighting is long gone since there are no more open fields to catch them. All good things come to an end…someday.

But in Cebu, I chanced upon a piece of furniture I have never seen before! I call it 4-way sungka. Make your own rules! At best 4 bored tourists can play or keep themselves busy as they wait for their pick up. It was beautifully made, showing the quality of Filipino craftsmanship. I found it so “aliw“, I just had to take a picture.

To many, this may be no big thing, but somehow it’s big to me! Maybe I just yearn for the good old days where the open fields were plentiful and life was simpler. No responsibilities then. Life was good. Ok I’m getting nostalgic…blame it on the beer! On second thought…Waiter, get me another beer!