Must Try Restos in Bacolod For Visitors

Balaring, Silay

Balaring, Silay

Lately I read about a list of “Must Try” Eateries in Bacolod which I disagreed with. I got the impression that the writer was just promoting a new restaurant. So for the benefit of my friends and any first-time visitor to Bacolod, I have come up with my list of 5 Restaurants To Try.

1. Aboy’s – A must when visiting Bacolod. Although a bit out of the way now since it’s located near the Old Bacolod Airport, the trip is well worth it. Grilled Blue Marlin, Scallops, Squid, Liempo and other Filipino Lutong Bahay food served by amiable waiters in comfortable surroundings makes this dining experience a memorable one.

2. Chicken House –  All Negros visitors should try the chicken inasal and one of my favorites comes from Chicken House. Their spare ribs is very good too! And their beer…below Zero. Their Mandalagan branch has a nice comfortable aircon feel so many Bacolodnons bring their friends and family there. Other inasal places to try are Aida’s and Nena’s in Manokan Country.

3. Ading’s – Bacolodnons like to bring visitors to seafood market near the fish landing. The most presentable resto there is Adings. Try their scallops and crispy lapulapu.

4. Bob’s – A Bacolod institution since the 60’s. This family restaurant serves Filipino comfort food and is also known for their Mongolian buffet.  Desserts and Breads are excellent.

5. Balaring Seaside Restos – If one has access to a car, go to Silay and  try out the seaside restos in  Brgy . Balaring  and Lantad. The seafood served there is ok. It’s the provincial feel that makes it different. Seaside on one side, fishpond on the other.  There is a new resto in Brgy Lantad called MC Seafoods which looks nice and has been getting good reviews. This resto I will try soon.


Dining in Negros is relatively cheap. In fact very cheap when compared to Manila prices. Prices quoted are already net of tax and service charge. One saves 22% right then and there.  Everybody loves the food in Bacolod. So why don’t you come on down and do a food trip. Kaon ta! Namets!


A Must-Eat For Me from Tison’s

Chicken Asparagus Sandwich

Chicken Asparagus Sandwich

When the management of our sugar association decided that Tison’s was doing the catering for our Talisay fiesta party, they said that the menu will consist of beef, breaded fish, chicken galantina, lasagna and Russian salad with dessert and lechon added. I asked if there was going to be chicken asparagus sandwich which I always look for whenever Tison’s caters. Not this time they said since it’s dinner.

So I asked if the caterer can make a couple of chicken asparagus sandwiches for little old me. Ayan, request granted! Kinda selfish of me but heck, you don’t ask, you don’t get! Doesn’t cost much. Caterer just threw the sandwiches in as part of the deal.

Sarap! The sandwich is shaped like a canoli and I can eat four – no problem! Caterer made 8 sandwiches so I have been eating it the for last two days. Burp! I’m supposed to be avoiding white bread but what can I do? It’s one of my favorites! It’s a must-have for me every time Tison’s caters. I don’t believe they have a restaurant but their catered food is excellent and reasonably priced. If ever one needs a caterer in Negros, try them out. I highly recommend them.

All Day Breakfast For P100

One whole can of Vienna Sausage used

One whole can of Vienna Sausage used

Last month I blogged that I ate in B+C Bar and Coffee resto for dinner and an all-day breakfast of 3 slices of spam with 2 fried eggs and one big cup of rice.  All for P100. Now here comes the cousin of that same all-day breakfast. This time it’s a whole can of Libby’s Vienna Sausage. So that’s 7 Vienna sausages as you can see in the picture. Not bad! How can one go wrong with Vienna Sausage. I can eat it straight from the can!

To prove to all I ate it for dinner, there is a glass of San Miguel light. Since I practically live alone when I’m in the province where I work, I like to explore and eat in places that are reasonably priced. In fact, in Negros, all restaurants are reasonably priced when compared to Manila. If a resto here is deemed expensive, it won’t survive. The going rate for a bottle of beer here in Negros is P40 or about $1. Higher that and people won’t patronize the place.

If one ever visits Silay, Negros Occidental and is in search of comfort food, give B+C Bar and Coffee along Locsin St. a try. They have other stuff too like baby back ribs but I’m limiting myself for the moment to their all-day breakfast. Kaon na!