15 Food Reasons We Filipinos Are Better At Life (Than The Spanish)


The Huffington Post recently listed “15 Food Reasons The Spanish Are Better At Life.” Ok noted. May I now present what I believe are the “15 Food Reasons We Filipinos Are Better At Life Than The Spanish.”

  1. They understand the art of simplicity? Have they ever tried dried fish and rice? Even gourmet tuyo and rice?!
  2. Patatas Bravas are eaten on the regular. Have they tried BBQ or Sour Cream-flavored French fries? French fries with garlic even!
  3. They take snacks seriously? Filipinos take snacks and Power Napping seriously! Filipinos eat five times a day. We take merienda cena seriously!
  4. Croquetas comes in all flavours? Have they tried Fish Balls and it’s different sauces?
  5. They invented Churros? We invented Choc-Nut! ‘Nuff said!
  6. So, they put potatoes on everything. Big deal! Let’s move on! Can you spell potatoes? 🙂
  7. Re sherry…Yada Yada Yada… No big deal. We have Cherry Coke now in Price Smart. My Cherie Amour!
  8. Free food when one goes to a bar? We give peanuts, spicy upon request.
  9. Really? They do calamari right?  Cook a giant squid and I tip off my hat to you!
  10. They eat a big lunch then they nap.  Ok, but do you really want to follow them?
  11. Spain is home to chorizo.  And Filipinos have the best pig ever! Anthony Bourdain attests to this.
  12. Spain is also home to Jamon Iberico. Ok that one I concede. In the Philippines we spell it Hamon. We have carabao mango? Wrap the Jamon Iberico with mango balls and you have a winner!
  13. Paella is one of the world’s best comfort food.  Try green mango and ice cream. One is sure to go to the comfort room!
  14. They drink Sangria…but we have Maria Clara! Woof!
  15. They eat a late night dinner so they can go out and party. We can do that! We even go out after the party and have some hot soup like Pansit molo, bulalo or Soup Number 5!

ABER!  (Seriously though, I love Spanish food)

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