What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Big No-No!

Big No-No!

It’s not the cat per se. I’m not too crazy about cats. But, don’t let the cat hang around the printer area.

I have already replaced a printer because the paper kept on jamming. It was still a very good printer but when the repair shop looked at it, the repair man saw cat hair stuck inside the computer impeding the paper flow. Could it still be saved? Yes I tried but I got tired of continued paper jams. So I bought a new printer and warned my wife of what cat hair can do. She’s in denial but now every time we see a cat on top of a printer or copier/scanner, we carry it and lay it down somewhere else. Shoot! Things I have to put up with . . . 🙂

Is there any printer that is “cat-safe?”

Cat Diaries: Supposed To Be Adopted!


These cats are not ours. Ok, they were originally not ours – these are stray kittens that arrived in our house. They were supposed to be up for adoption during the quarterly CARA events but for some reason they were never adopted. So they grew.

And grew . . .

And grew!

Now they are too big to be adopted!

Now that my wife has given them names, they are staying. Oh boy!

That’s how we had reached 20-plus cats and still counting.  Current count: somewhere close to 30.

Don’t worry, they are fed and well-taken cared of. They are caged at night and they play inside the boy’s room all day. Sometimes as we lounge in the room beside, I can here banging of bodies on the door. I pity my door! I don’t want to know what they are doing but all I know is that the furniture there is all worn out from cat scratches. My wife normally doesn’t like to cage animals. Maybe it has to do something with group dynamics. So before you animal activists get pissed at me, these cats are not caged all day, ok?! Besides, these cats rule that room and they never leave. If they leave, they will probably fight with the other cats so it’s best to stay put.

So what are their names? Don’t ask me. They pretty much look alike to me!

My wife hasn’t met a cat she didn’t like. Now I have to tell her that she can’t foster any more cats whenever there is an adoption event coming up. We are fully booked! Actually we still have room but don’t let my wife know coz that’s a topic in a future blog. Shhh….

Talking of adoption, visit the CARA Welfare site on how to adopt a pet. They even list 7 reasons why you should adopt a pet! I’ll add an 8th reason – to help my house get back to normal!

Cat Diaries : Cali

Fat Cat

Fat Cat

Meet Cali, one of my wife’s favorite cats. I featured him already in one of my earlier posts. He sleeps on my headboard at night. Every meal time, he snuggles up to my wife’s chest and stays there until he is satisfied, or until my wife can’t take my comments anymore 🙂

So how fat is she? (Just learned that most calico cats are female) She is sooo fat I have to carry her with two hands.  As my wife pointed out to me, he is heavier than our dog! She obviously has to go on a diet but my wife will hear none of it. She eats five times a day and every time I see her eat, I just shake my head. She will send us to the poor house! Ok, not really but multiply this by 30, and . . . well, you get my drift!

She used to be my pet peeve but since she doesn’t mark territory on my stuff anymore, we are on good terms. Also I found a new pet peeve and it is a subject in a future blog. My issue with Cali is that she just eats too much. He used to eat only bonito flakes, which is a Japanese salty topping to add flavor to certain food. That’s not a usual form of cat food and it costs about $10 a pack. It’s mind-boggling how a cat can eat something so light yet makes her so heavy! Asking my wife to stop buying bonito flakes is like asking if the Pope is Dominican!  Oh well . . .

Me and my wife’s cats

One of my wife's cats

One of my wife’s cats

This is me. I’m married to an animal lover. When we started our married life, my wife had three animals. It was like that for over 20 years. Then sometime January 2011, my wife took care of a stray cat with two kittens. Three months later same cat gave birth to 3 more kittens. This kept on going on until we had about 12 cats a year later and I said, “This has to stop!” So I met the head of CARA, which is a NGO that spayed and neutered cats to control the cat population. For awhile the animal population in my house remained in the 12-15 range (we had two dogs). Then my wife was picking up abandoned stray cats. As of the other day, her unofficial count is that we have about 30 cats and 3 dogs. When is this going to stop or abate? I have no idea. But I love my wife for what she is and what her beliefs are so I’m not going to change her. All I ask is that she extend my leash. Hehe