Bo Perasol

Is Kiefer A Flop(per)?


To the Ateneo faithful, Kiefer is no flopper.

But recent press releases have now resurfaced, and the UAAP community – especially our opponents – are accusing Kiefer Ravena of taking dives. Kiefer had been called out in the past for his “flopping,” and even Ato Badolato commented that he is a “good actor.”  Kiefer often gets the ball every time the ball is brought down. King Eagle as he is, he can score from the outside as well as drive for the basket. He is naturally the marked man, and thus the focus of the opponent’s defense is to stop him. Unfortunately for the defense, Kiefer is shifty. Have you ever tried to catch a chicken ala Sylvester Stallone in one of those “Rocky” movies? Have you ever tried slapping that flying cockroach in your room?  It is almost impossible to stay in front of him so often he gets fouled on their way to the basket – hence, foul in the act of shooting. He has to sell the foul. That’s the strategy. Kiefer has to make sure that ref sees it. In most of the alleged “flops,” I’d say there had been actual contact. To me, that isn’t flopping. Flopping is claiming there was a foul when there was actually none. Just like the movies when the bad guy swings at the star and the star flies backwards toward the wall. May sound effects pa! 🙂

I heard that the NBA is now cracking down on flops. There’s this video in Youtube that gives examples of flops. In fact, Kiefer had been compared to Lebron in terms of flopping. Really? I’ve seen videos of Lebron flop and Kiefer doesn’t even come close to his play-acting! Oh well, at least Kiefer promised to lessen his “foul-selling” antics.

Let’s not even touch on the topic of fouls that aren’t called! When Ateneo inbounds the ball, don’t the opponents hold our players resulting in a steal and easy 2 points for them? Or when we are being played too tight and when we try to get away, isn’t our second motion what the referee sees? Let’s not even bring up the fouls that could have been called in the 3-point line when we played DLSU! Sheesh, we also foul a lot and we also get slapped with questionable calls so what is their problem? Do we air our complaints to the media? Do we try to condition the minds of the UAAP Commish, refs and our future opponents of fouls committed against us but never called? That’s where breaks of the game comes in. Now if there is a hidden agenda above all this, that is beyond me.

Why are the losing teams picking on Ateneo and Ravena? I think it’s because they are surprised that Ateneo topped the UAAP first round playing small ball! Basketball is supposed to be a “Big Man’s Game” that’s why teams try to get two tall athletic imports and as many Fil-fors that they can. At the beginning of the season, Coach Bo didn’t make any predictions except his hope that Ateneo will pull off a few surprises. If we can win playing small ball, are they alluding that we are cheating? That we get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to iffy calls? I sure hope not because that would be pretty low of them. All these remarks are coming from frustration and should be left unsaid next time. When we lost to NU and DLSU did we complain? We just accept the losses and just move on. That’s maturity. You either realize that your team made some mistakes (and then work on correcting those mistakes) or you give credit to the other team. When we lost to DLSU, Bo didn’t complain about the referees. Instead he lamented on Ateneo’s slow start. And what did we do in the next game? We didn’t allow UE to post a huge lead. Not like Derrick Pumaren. What lesson is he teaching the players? That it’s always someone else’s fault?

There will always be complaints about officiating from both sides. All calls eventually average out in the end. So long as there are no blatantly wrong calls, we will accept the outcome. Looking forward to Payback vs NU this Sunday. OBF!