PAL – Plane Always Late

Pal plane in Silay-Bacolod Terminal

PAL plane in Silay-Bacolod Terminal

Ever since I started working the family farm in Negros in 1987, my carrier of choice was PAL. It was a monopoly then but even when Cebu Pacific started to fly the Bacolod route, I was loyal to PAL. Although PAL was known to be, “PLane Always Late” name me a local airline that was never late. My usual routine was take a morning flight from Manila to Bacolod on a Monday then about ten days later take a late afternoon or evening flight from Bacolod to Manila to avoid the traffic.

But this time I decided to try an evening flight out of Manila coz it was much cheaper. Anyway, I can eat dinner in the Mabuhay Lounge and drink a couple of Asahi or SML beers. If the plane was delayed, no problem I had my beers. I just hope plane isn’t too late or cancelled. Everything within limits. So as you have probably guessed by now, my PAL plane to Bacolod is late and I’m on my third Asahi Beer while writing this blog. Oops, PAL just announced boarding. 45 minutes late. Not too bad! Ciao!