My Wife Finally Saw The Light

Just Saying!

Just Saying!

Ever since we were dating in the early 80’s, I asked my then girlfriend Kaoru, if she found me good-looking. No daw. She liked me for my personality.  We eventually broke up then but reunited in the late 80’s and finally married in June 1990. So I ask her if she married me for my good looks and she responds by saying she married me for my personality. Twenty four years later same question, same answer.

But a few days ago, my wife comes home from the mall and says, “I got you something.” Lo and behold it was a Coke can with the label, “Gwapo!” What?! She had never done  this to me before. What did I do to deserve this? I can’t think of anything. Must be some random act of kindness. But then again, we now have 31 cats and 4 dogs and she knows I don’t really like animals. I used to tease her, “What do you take me for? Granted?!”

I’m now convinced that my wife has finally seen the light. In her own subtle way she is saying,” You are the boss! I am your slave!” Yah right! Hehe. Nevertheless, her random act of thoughtfulness has brightened up my day. I love my wife!


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