I’m Still In Denial

Checking The Bill

Checking The Bill

I’m 50 years old and my eyes are starting to fail me but I still don’t bring reading glasses as a habit. I find it bothersome. During the day when I bring my work bag, my reading glasses are snuck in there somewhere. When I go out for dinner, I don’t bring a bag and putting reading glasses in my pocket is a hassle. Oftentimes I borrow my wife’s glasses. When I’m feeling really lazy, I just ask the waiter to read to me every order and the total bill.

On my recent trip to Tokyo, I purchased a magnifying glass that’s small enough to put in my wallet. It makes my wallet a little thicker but not bothersome at all. At least it’s not like putting a banana on my left pocket! My friends have seen me use this before and we all have a good laugh. Oh, conversation piece pa!


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