Shibuya and Hachiko

Must See In Tokyo

Must See In Tokyo

First-time tourists normally stay between 3-7 days in Tokyo. There are many places to visit – Ginza, Shinjuku, Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Market to name a few.

Shibuya is another place worth seeing. Among the younger set, Shibuya is a popular tourist spot and the Hachiko statue is a favorite meeting place. It’s just right outside the train station and chances of not finding it is slim. When the group is complete, they walk across the wide intersecting street with a sea of humanity and then head to the numerous side streets which house numerous restaurants, bars, karaokes and shops.

Why is the Hachiko statue so well known? Foreigners are well-versed with the Hachiko story of the loyal dog waiting for his Master. One proof of the dog being Man’s Best Friend. I saw once a Richard Gere movie about Hachiko. It was touching and wouldn’t mind watching it again. Apparently, a lot of foreigners were so touched with this film whenever they have a chance to visit Tokyo, the Hachiko statue is a must see and photo opportunity.


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