Month: July 2014

My Japanese Wife And Her Fat Cat

My Love And My Pet Peeve

My Love And My Pet Peeve

This is my Japanese wife, Kaoru, with her favorite fat cat Cali. I will talk about being married to a Japanese in a future blog. This blog is dedicated to her pet and my pet peeve.

Actually, Cali used to be a bad cat (at least to me) since he would mark his territory and pee on my stuff. I would complain to my wife and she would do remedial measures to minimize marking of territory.  Little did I know that Cali would pee on her stuff but I never heard about it and she would just clean it without fanfare. Maybe my wife didn’t want to add ammunition to my complaints.

Then somehow the marking of territory stopped (thank God), but now he always hangs around my wife especially when I’m around. At night he sleeps on the headboard of my bed. Sometimes I imagine those sharp nails swiping at me in the middle of the night. Good thing that hasn’t happened yet. During meal times, Cali would crawl his way up to my wife’s chest and stay there for fifteen minutes, disabling my wife so she sits there motionless until the cat is content. Ok so this is their way of bonding. But I’m done with my meal and my wife hasn’t even started! I tease my wife about the cat hair going into her lungs but that is a subject in another blog!

My last  comment on Cali is that he is too fat! He is cute and sweet but he is too fat! He eats all day and according to my wife, is heavier than our dog. He eats more than five times a day and when I carry him I have to use both hands. Now Cali needs to go on a diet but my wife is against it. Hmmm…maybe everyone and everything in our household should go on a diet so there is no excuse. Food for thought.


Honest Mistake

Carly Simon lives in WordPress

Carly Simon lives in WordPress

I’m no techie. When I agreed to do this blog, I had no idea how to navigate around WordPress. After seeing my first like in one of my blogs, I accidentally pressed on the Like button on my own blog. Later on when I checked my email, I got this message from WordPress which I photographed for all of you.

I found the message sooo cute it made me smile and think. Hmmm…the WordPress administrator must be a Baby Boomer. Who could think of text like that! Up to now, I still can’t help but hum the tune whenever I see this message. Kudos to the Admin!

My Drone Is a Business Tool, Not A Toy


A few months ago, my techie friend told me he got a DJI Phantom Vision 2+ quadcopter through Amazon that was easy to fly. One week later we met up at the Manila Polo Club and tested his “toy.”I tried it out for five minutes and I knew I needed this “toy.” It was easy to fly because if one lets go of the controls, the drone just hovered. If there is no more signal it comes home due to the GPS.

Being an agri-businessman managing a sugarcane farm, one of the problems of planters is that we can’t see the condition of the fields when the fields are closed. Farm staff can’t go in and inspect whether fields need more remedial work or not. Renting a helicopter or a small plane is definitely out of the question. This drone with gimbal shows a steady video in real-time and all who see can pinpoint which fields or which parts of the field need extra work.

So I tell my techie friend, the urban boy, I need one. He says it’s only a toy for me. I say it’s a real need for me in my farm. It’s not a toy, it’s a business tool! He says “Yah Right!” Yada, Yada, Yada… He assists me in ordering one from Amazon and it arrived in Manila about a month later (courtesy of Johnny Air). I test it once in Manila with him, making sure I know how to fly this thing then I bring it the following week to my farm. By the way, I also discovered a local retailer that sells DJI products and other drones – RC Victory World over at Makati. Check out their FB Page.

Anyway, back to my drone. At first I had difficulty getting the drone to fly since I am a non-techie newbie. Little did I know that the drone doesn’t respond well if the sky is overcast or raining a bit. One time it flew and lost signal near my hacienda site. I kept on waiting for the drone to come home but it never did. According to my people, the drone just hovered over the orchard trees for a few minutes then it went down little by little until it hit a pomelo tree and got caught in between branches and got stuck there with propellers running til I got there. Luckily drone didn’t hit anything permanent like a house which can cause major damage to the drone (the house is secondary, hehe).

Anyway, I was able to playback the video taken by the drone to the farm staff and they saw where they have to concentrate the resources. The drone I believe is now an indispensable tool for the agriculture industry. In fact, I wanted to demo this drone in our PHILSUTECH national sugar conference next month but there is no GPS inside the hotel. The drone has landed and is now a business tool, not a toy!

Me and my wife’s cats

One of my wife's cats

One of my wife’s cats

This is me. I’m married to an animal lover. When we started our married life, my wife had three animals. It was like that for over 20 years. Then sometime January 2011, my wife took care of a stray cat with two kittens. Three months later same cat gave birth to 3 more kittens. This kept on going on until we had about 12 cats a year later and I said, “This has to stop!” So I met the head of CARA, which is a NGO that spayed and neutered cats to control the cat population. For awhile the animal population in my house remained in the 12-15 range (we had two dogs). Then my wife was picking up abandoned stray cats. As of the other day, her unofficial count is that we have about 30 cats and 3 dogs. When is this going to stop or abate? I have no idea. But I love my wife for what she is and what her beliefs are so I’m not going to change her. All I ask is that she extend my leash. Hehe

Japanese Single Malt Whiskey

A few days ago, I wrote that I had some Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey in the ANA lounge in Haneda. When the whiskey was finished, the staff brought out a new bottle of Hakushu Single Malt whiskey. Both whiskeys are excellent. Incidentally, I purchased one bottle of each whiskey in the Duty Free shopping area. Both cost Y3000 each and that’s about P1320.

When  I went window-shopping around Metro Manila, I was pleasantly surprised to find two retailers selling said Japanese single malt whiskeys. One big retailer was selling it for P6000 a bottle while the Japanese store was selling it for about P4200 a bottle. Moral of the story is if one ever passes by Japan, buy the single malt whiskey there. Big difference in price!

Breakfast of Champions

10373536_10152348514024011_4327255756593816322_n I decided to partake once more of this P100 all day breakfast dinner over at Silay. Ok, add P40 for the beer.  Not a bad deal! And before any of you criticise me for consuming beer for breakfast, remember that telemarketers have beer for breakfast.